Our Philosophy

BallWe understand the importance of the first years of development and strive to provide an environment to meet the individual needs of all children. We believe in the significance of hands-on learning and exploration in these early and crucial years. Sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills are introduced through materials and activities which are child-centered and teacher-guided. We emphasize the process a child uses rather than the product he/she creates. Believing children learn through play, we create routines which encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation, and reinforcement through repetition.

Our ultimate goal for children is:

  • To learn and grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • To create fun and valuable experiences that lead to lifelong learning.
  • To create awareness of the value of family, friends, and community.


Our Mission Statement

TeddyTo provide quality child care and preschool services using developmentally appropriate programs to meet the individual social, emotional, and educational needs of all children served at an affordable rate for parents or guardians.